Sunday, January 6, 2013

LitterMaid Elite 9000 - both lights flashing (error code) with pictures

Well, Happy New Year 2013.

This year has started off with a 'sick' automated Litter box, a LitterMaid Elite 9000.

The automated litter box that LitterMaid sold years ago was considered by many to be a solid workhorse of a product and often recommended.  The more recent 'improved' versions of them -- well, not so much.

Ours had both lights flashing in some sort of error mode.  Searching for Google with the terms of 'littermaid elite both lights flashing' (no quotes), we found the online manual ... and that this particular error code was not in the manual.  Nice going there, LitterMaid corporation!

Fortunately, there were some more useful pages on the web from individual customers.  One of these pointed out the limit switches being the likely culprit and yes, some of the fine dust from the litter had apparently motivated our box to bind up in this fashion.

One of the things that I didn't find were any photographs of the switches in question, so I've made some up with notations to help others.  They're below.

One final thing - - I'd recommend NOT trying to put any WD-40 or other types of lubrication on the plastic cylinders that work with the limit switches - they'll only attract and retain litter dust and make it more likely to bind up.